Best intentions…

We’ve all had those moments…the moments when we get these great ideas and just want to pounce on the opportunity to get going. Well I did it again. I was all excited that I had access to my blog and I really wanted to get back into it working out full ass, but full ass wasn’t in the cards. I forgot that it was the end of the year and we had no time between the end of school and Christmas. So my one workout that I got in last week we’ll call a soft opening. All it really did was get me hungry. No joke. I feel like all I did was eat and shop and eat and eat some more. Too many opportunities for yummy food. All the things.

Best intentions don’t amount to much without follow through. And as I so frequently teach my business classes, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So my plan is so cliché but it works. I am going to start on Monday. Imagine that, a New Year’s resolution, Monday the 2nd it is! And I am going to be doing P90X3 and I’ll have to do it in the morning. Something I am not very fond of, but its the only way that I know it will get done every day. I mean it worked the first time, right?

The first time I started off with P90X. 90 minutes a day 7 days a week for 12 weeks. I had time and determination. It worked, This time I don’t have time, but I still have determination. So this has to work. I am committing to 4 weeks. I want to see that I can really do this again!

I have a question for you —if you have read this far, I’m hoping you’ll be interested in reading more about this new journey, and maybe you’ll even be encouraged to start your own journey, if you aren’t on one already — I would like to create a space here on this blog for people to interact and share ideas, if you are interested in helping to create that community, could you leave a comment? Maybe others will comment too? My one hope is that you benefit somehow from reading this blog. I am so looking forward to this next Happy New Year!