One Step Forward…Ready for the Next Step

Four days. I made it four days into my New Year’s workout pledge before life interrupted and I stopped. That was a month ago and I have not figured out how to get back into it.

The excuses are real:

1 – I thought that I would be able to get up early and work out, but my schedule has me going to bed too late, and not sleeping enough is almost worse than not working out.

2 – I took on more hours of work to teach night school on the nights my son doesn’t have basketball games, so there goes working out when I get home, at least for a couple more weeks. Update: I’ll be teaching night school into May.

3 – I thought I could workout with my track runners during practice after school; but if I am working out, I cant really coach, and that’s not what I am there for.

It doesn’t look like I will get any real consistent work outs in any time soon.

So what do I have control over? The only thing that I can do to somehow change my body composition is by altering my caloric intake both in quantity and quality. For now this is what I must do and hope that at some point in the next few months I will be able to add some athletic specific activity to my already busy life.

1 – I started to drink a protein shake in the morning. I believe this is a good way to get the metabolism going in the morning.

2 – I am portioning better at mealtime and am avoiding going back for seconds.

3 – I am drinking less adult beverages during the weekdays. I don’t have much free time anyway. Sorry Lagunitas Brewery, I swear I’ll make up for it.

4 – I am drinking more water. Staying hydrated helps to curb food cravings and is just good for me all the way around.

Since I wont really be sharing about my workouts I need to figure out other things to share. Anyone have any suggestions?