P90X2 (Rnd. 2) – Day 64 of 91 – Week 2 Phase 3 – Performance

P90X2 (Rnd. 2) – Day 64 of 91 – Week 2 Phase 3 – Performance

B – AcidCheck Caplets, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with Vanilla Whey and Cinnamon, Activit, and Cordastra
L – Turkey and Pepper Jack Sandwich
S – Energy & Endurance Pre-Workout Formula
W – Cycling 22.5 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
S – P90X Results & Recovery Formula
W – X2 P.A.P. Lower Body
S – P90X Results & Recovery Formula
D – Chicken Cobb Salad (no egg), French Onion Soup (hardly any cheese 🙁 ), 2 Small Baguettes with Butter
S – Large Frozen Yogurt

Today was a great Lower Body Workout. I was bummed that my Strava app didn’t work though. Cleaned the bike really good last night and put on the racing wheels. Wanted to see what my 13 mile time was running. I love riding on the racing wheels, the ride seems much smoother and feels like the bike is slicing through the air.

Trek Speed Concept 7.0 with Aeolus 9 Wheels

Hoping to turn in some good training times this week. Only 12 more days until the Race on the Base! Looking forward to testing the Speed Concept out on the Tarmac!

SRAM Red – 2012 Gruppo – Product Review

SRAM RED CHANGES EVERYTHING. New SRAM RED represents the pinnacle of road racing technology and delivers countless performance advantages to the professional and enthusiast alike. For 2012, the new RED continues in the SRAM tradition as the leader in light weight, flawless shifting, and ergonomic advantage with gorgeous aesthetic styling. How did we improve on the world’s best mechanical gruppo? We started with everything we knew, and then designed a brand new drivetrain from scratch. Each part was engineered with the twin goals of eliminating the superfluous while focusing on an overall synergy that translates into unmatched performance. Elegant and simple, RED perfects the riding experience through genuine innovation. SRAM RED changes everything.” – http://www.sram.com/sram/road/family/sram-red-_-2012

This is the gruppo of the future today! SRAM said it best when they used the word “gorgeous”. I must agree! In triathlons or time trials, the name of the game is light and fast  almost to the point of sacrificing strength. This translates into $ – bottom line. Without spending the money, you rarely get the benefit. I believe that SRAM provides an exceptional product at a fair price. SRAM Red are the components that I will be upgrading to as soon as possible with some minor exceptions. I won’t need the brakes or the shifters. The Trek Speed Concept 7.0 has an integral rear Bontrager brake and the existing SRAM Apex brake is sufficient for the cause. Also SRAM manufactures another shifting component I will be recommending, the R2C Aero Shifters, and with which I am completely enamored.

The following is a list of links to the components that I recommend for immediate purchase (all items can be ordered at Action Sports in Bakersfield):

SRAM RED Crankset – 2012 

SRAM RED Front Derailleur – 2012

SRAM RED Rear Derailleur – 2012

 R2C Aero Shifters

SRAM XG 1090 Cassette

SRAM PC 1091R PowerChain™

Happy Racing!