Insanity: The Asylum Vol. 1 – Day 3 of 30

Today I start my third day of the Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1 – 30 day Program. This program provides you with a 30 day rotation of 6 different workouts and requires adherence to a preferred clean eating diet. Day 1 was “Speed and Agility”. Day 2 was “Strength”. Today will be “Back to Core”. This is my second time starting this program. The first time was a few weeks ago. I got through Day 8 and then injured myself adding in some hill repeats running with my old high school’s cross country team. Go figure right? My problem was that day, after I did my Insanity workout, I didn’t have my P90X Results and Recovery Formula and drank coffee instead. Bad way to train! Lactic Acid settled in my hamstring and reared its ugly head in the form of a deep cramp with some micro-tearing. No Bueno! And somewhat debilitating as you can imagine. So I took a week off to let it heal. I am all clear to go now though. Lesson learned. I will not miss my Results and Recovery ever again!

So why did I choose The Asylum as my next workout base? Since I have been back training for and competing in Triathlons, I am not even close to as fast as I used to be (running-wise). Since running was always my best sport out of the three I have not spent the time focusing on it like I probably should. Instead I have been able to become a better swimmer and cyclist and I am so grateful for this. So now it is time to focus on my old friend and get our relationship back to where it used to be and better!

Running was always relaxing for me. I know that may sound strange, but think about your greatest escape. For some it is reading, for others it maybe surfing, for me it was running fast on the open road. I was good at it when I was younger and it just seemed natural. So in order to get back to that place, I enlisted the help of Shaun T and The Asylum. Shaun T used to run track, and yes, even though he was a hurdler, the running part is still there. I can stand to use the speed and agility of a hurdler to get through the running portion of the triathlons in my future! It can’t hurt. I figure, my leg turnover speed is what I need to increase and this workout definitely works on that. Before I got injured 10 days ago, I ran 3 miles, before the hill repeats that cramped me up (this was 8 days into the program), and I felt really good at about a 5:30 mile pace. This is the fastest I have run in 20 years and I am extremely excited to be at this point right now. I can only imagine how much better I will be after I finish the 30 days!

So about the workouts. If you have derived anything from the name of the program then you are on the right track, Insanity is for certain, this workout is Insane! Fast paced conditioning, jumping, push-ups, cardio-dumbell routines, jump rope, resistance bands, foot work, as well as pull-ups. It’s all in there and that is just the first 2 days. From start to finish you are in the workouts. The warm-ups are challenging and meant to get you sweating before the stretching session begins. Today is Back to Core which is a workout that targets, you guessed it, the Back muscles and your Core. A strong Core is essential to working out period! Without a strong Core the chances are that you are holding yourself in less than desirable form and therefore not getting the most out of your workout routines. One of the things that I like about the Beachbody programs is that they all target the Core. This helps to create those coveted chiseled abs that everyone relates to being in great shape. I wish it were all about the workout, but your nutrition/diet has a great deal to do with revealing those chiseled abs as well. If you want to see your abs you need to make some changes to get there. Now I am not a dietitian, but I can tell you if you want great abs, you can start by reducing your fat and sugar intake!

Now I know, easier said than done when it comes to the diet thing. The best thing about leading an active lifestyle, is once you get to what you think is your optimal weight/condition, as long as you remain actively working out 5 or 6 days a week and eat clean at least 85% of the time, you can have some cheat days here and there with little to no impact on your weight/health. The trick is to not string those cheat days together. Believe me, they will catch up with you. So take my advice, its free…dedicate yourself to a workout and a nutrition plan…find one that works for you and stick with it! I found mine and got results, you can too!

Decide. Commit. Succeed.