TriCore – Day 11 of 28

TriCore – Day 11 of 28

B – AcidCheck CapletsActivit, and Cordastra, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with Almond Milk and Cinnamon, Coffee
W – TriCore Day 11 – Active Rest – Swam 1200 Meters
S – P90X Results & Recovery Formula
L – Turkey and Avocado Sandwich, Baked Potato Chips, Water
D – Salad, Penne with Chicken in a Marinara Sauce
S – Powerbar Protein Bar

Today was Day 11 of the TriCore Workout. Active Rest, or light exercise, limited to 30-40 minutes at an easy intensity. Perfect for the day before a triathlon!  Put in the swim and then headed to Los Angeles. Race in the morning!

TriCore – Day 10 of 28

TriCore – Day 10 of 28

B – AcidCheck CapletsActivit, and Cordastra, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology and Cinnamon, Coffee
S – Power Bar Protein Bar and Coffee
L – Salad with Chicken, Chips and Guacamole
W – TriCore Day 10 – Workout 6 added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
S – P90X Results & Recovery Formula
D – New York Steak, Beans, Salad, Bread, Pie

I think today was a good food day. Day 10 Workout 6 of the TriCore Workout felt great! I love the fact that I have my AcidCheck Granules back on board. It totally makes a difference in how hard I can push on the workout.  Todays workout consisted of:

Warm up – See Day 1 for explanation

1 Legged Push Set – See Day 1 for explanation

Jump Intervals – See Day 3 for explanation

Hill Set Sprint – See Day 3 for explanation

TriCore – Rest Day

TriCore – Rest Day

B – AcidCheck CapletsActivit, and Cordastra, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with Cinnamon, Coffee
L – 2 Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Powerbar Protein Bar
D – 2 Pieces of Lasagna, Pita with Hummus and Feta, Salad with Chicken and Peppers
S – Powerbar Protein Bar, Peppered Beef Jerky, Water

Today should have been Day 6 Workout 4 of the TriCore Workout, but I made a slight modification and substituted the workout for tomorrow’s Rest day instead. I have been training pretty hard and went with the Recovery Day so I am fresh for tomorrow’s race. Tomorrow’s post is available here at Wildflower Triathlon . Tonight was a travel night. I love the fact that I am not driving my car anymore until after the race. I am staying only about a mile away from the transition area! Sleeping in my car with Pepper!

2013-05-05 00.34.34

Cosy. Good night!

P90X2 (Rnd. 2) – Day 31 of 91 – Week 2 Phase 2 – Strength

P90X2 (Rnd. 2) – Day 31 of 91 – Week 2 Phase 2 – Strength

B – Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with Vanilla Whey and Cinnamon and Activit
L – 1/2 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich on Dark Wheat, Side Garden Salad, Soda Water with Lemon
W – Cycling 42 Miles (Here is the Map)
S – P90X Results & Recovery Formula, a Power Bar Triple Threat, and a handful of Raw Almonds
W – Recovery + Mobility
D – Salad with Chicken and Vegetables, Small Frozen Yogurt

Last day before a winter storm comes into the Central San Joaquin Valley and what a great day it was for a ride in the foothills of Bakersfield!


But what I want to know is how do I take a picture of myself while riding and have my eyes closed? Here is the proof! ****Warning! Definitely not my best picture!*****


The glasses are Vintage 80’s A’ME, gotta love the 80’s! Hey they still work great! My thighs started burning about 60% through the ride and that is when I really had to start working. As Shaun T says in Insanity, the work doesn’t start until you get tired. Well here I guess my legs were yelling at me, but fortunately I didn’t listen. Ended up riding a Personal Best time for the route, can’t complain when you turn in a personal best.

I was thinking about going for a swim after my ride, but decided against it since I burned so many calories on my ride (1600) and I want to avoid over-training as I am getting back into the swing of things after such an off day this past Monday. Back to the Resistance training tomorrow with P90X2. So I’ll have more for you then. Maybe I’ll find a few recipes and some health topics to add over the next few days as well. I do owe you all some Recovery topics too, I have not forgotten!

Train Smart!