6 Pounds in One Day – Its All Part of the Process


As you can imagine when I weighed myself this morning and the scale read 185, I had to reweigh myself another two times. But alas to my surprise I was up six pounds from yesterday morning’s weigh-in. I knew that I was probably not going to be lighter after yesterday’s salty food intake, but six pounds was a head shaker.

Here’s the deal, when you begin a new work out as I have done this week you can expect to gain weight within the first few days. Even though you are burning more calories and your body is using up the fuel you eat, you are also building new muscle. Part of the process of building muscle is that you micro-tear the muscles you are working. When this happens, water rushes in to the muscles to help with the repair process which can be noticed as the muscles become swollen, or as some like to say “swole”. Really the repair process is what we know as the adaptation stage of working out. Our muscles are freaked out by this new workout and the body is trying to adapt to this new routine. So combine this process with a large lunch meat club sandwich, salty fries, and top it off with a sodium time bomb like sushi roles and soy sauce, and congratulations you are going to hold on to ever little bit of water it can find.

So if you happen to gain weight soon after beginning a new workout, don’t worry it is a natural process. Keep going, its quite possible that you wont actually lose any real weight for a week or two, and if you are a woman, its quite possible that you wont lose any weight for more than a month. But the weight isn’t something you should really be concerned with right away. There is truth to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. As you change your body composition (muscle to fat ratio) your weight will fluctuate. The real proof in the process is how you feel. Your energy levels should begin to increase after a couple days. Your posture will begin to get better. clothes will begin to fit looser. And stress levels should be perceived to be lower as well.

All in all today’s surprise is all just a part of the process and tomorrow is another day closer to my goal!

Training/Nutrition Log
Morning Weigh-in:
 185 (Up 6 lbs. – A reason why you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily)
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich and a Granola Bar
Workout: Day 4 of Insanity Max 30: Tabata Power (Maxed Out at 10:40 and videoed my 22 Push-ups during that workout) used Acid Check Granules, Himalayan Pink Salt, Beachbody Performance Hydrate and Energize mixed in water. Rode 10.3 miles to Swim Practice.
Swim Coaching: Swam a little with the kids while coaching swim practice. Rode 10.3 miles home.
Post-Workout: 3 – The Final 3 Capsules for Recovery
Turkey, Feta, Romaine, and Dijon Mustard on Wheat Bread Sandwich and a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk.

Disclaimer: As a triathlete, I am not always eating with the intention of weight loss but rather to maintain weight and fuel my activity. If you are not as active as I am, please don’t use my nutritional intake as your model. If you would like help finding out a meal plan and workouts that would be good for you, please don’t hesitate to text or call me at 775-722-8184 or Facebook me at www.facebook.com/fityak. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Focus T25 Hold Day #5 – September 1, 2013

Focus T25 Hold Day #5 – Beta Phase – September 1, 2013

Morning Weigh-in: 162
Breakfast: AcidCheck Caplets, Activit, Cordastra, Replenex, and  Vanilla Shakeology with Orange Juice
Lunch: Egg, Potato, Bacon, Sausage, Ham, and Cheese Skillet, Coffee
Workout: Swimming 10 Minute on BowSwim added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Dinner: Crab Legs, Shrimp, Sausage, Red Potatoes, Corn on the Cob
Snack: Lime Popsicle, Heath Bar Klondike

Today was another fun kid day. Spent a bunch of time in the pool including 10 minutes of swimming in on the BowSwim too. It was weird to weigh myself today and be at 162. This is the least I have weighed since College. I know its because my muscles are releasing the water they were holding on to from the micro-tearing caused by Focus T25. This is a normal process after being in a regular exercise program and then being off for a week. I am kind of bummed because I had one week left in the program and had to stop so the results are showing up a week early. In retrospect it is kind of good that this is happening now. I may actually end up stronger for my race next weekend. I’ll start training again tomorrow, picking up where I left off, finish out the last week of Focus T25 while doing TriCore and swimming on the BowSwim. This week will be a good conditioning week. I’ll get a race in and then continue training through until the Bakersfield Triathlon. During my push to the Bakersfield Tri, I’ll probably combine some Insanity:The Asylum in as well some interval training on the track for running. I want to be ready for that run course, its hellish! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!