Who doesn’t like to have fun?

Hey all! I’ve been busy since finishing the Bakersfield Triathlon this past Sunday. What a great race! Classic challenge for everyone! Thank you to all of the sponsors and volunteers who made it happen. Kerry Ryan (Action Sports), thank you for keeping this event going! 33 years this event has brought laughter, and tears, to people’s eyes. Much Appreciation and Maximum Respect to you Sir! If you are interested in knowing more about this race, I will be writing a blog during my travels this weekend about the race and what you can expect should you decide to tackle this awesome event! For now though, here is my blog from last year’s event Bakersfield Triathlon 2012.

Alright, this week has flown by. Taking a week off of training is difficult for me to do, and since my blisters from Sunday’s race are 90% better, I am probably going to head out for a ride tomorrow morning (no running till next week). But despite my “antsy pants” urge to get moving, I have had the pleasure of spending a considerable amount of time with my kids over the past week and a half, and this fills my heart with joy. I can’t express how thankful I am to be able to take them to school and pick them up, help them with their homework, as well as put up with their little brother / big sister spiritedness :-). We have worked hard on our school work, learned important lessons, and we even managed to have great fun too! I mean really, who doesn’t like to have fun?

So really here I wanted to reach out and say hello to anyone who takes a moment to read this post. There are some very cool things in the works right now, for me and for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you be interested in seeing how I can help you.

Ryan Olson – fityak@omcg.net – 775-722-8184 (call or text)

Lake Castaic Sprint Triathlon: Race II – Aug. 11, 2012

Last weekend I competed in the second of two races that make up the Lake Castaic Sprint Triathlon Series. The distances were a 400 meter swim, a 10 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run, the same course that we ran on July 14, 2012 and which I talked about in my blog Knowing your Weakness is a Strength. Back in July, I completed the course in 55 minutes and 15 seconds. This month I completed the course in 54 minutes and 45 seconds. You know it is funny how even though we know that something is supposed to be the same as it was, something in us when we get in race mode leads us to follow the person in front of us (even if they are going in the wrong direction – I may have to blog about “blindly following our leaders” at some future blog in time). Even though I knew the course was the same I ended up following the runner in front of me on the run course and added an extra minute on this course. So I ran a little farther than some of the other racers, but the time difference wouldn’t have mattered in my age group since I was bested by 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Regardless of this fact, the point of this race is that I went faster than I did just the month prior and that is what I am the happiest about. Of course taking second in my age group (35-39) and 13th overall made this older Triathlete feel pretty good as well (I was third in age group and 22nd overall in July).

Here are the results from this race.


Going in the right direction for sure! My next race is going to be the Bakersfield Triathlon – Olympic Distance put on by Kerry Ryan at Action Sports in Bakersfield . This race is about  twice a far, but I am hoping this might actually help me out with the final standings. Check out the blog on that upcoming race! here Bakersfield Triathlon .

Bakersfield Triathlon – September 30, 2012

Ahhh yeah!  The Bakersfield Triathlon is set for September 30, 2012 this year! I thought this event was dead, but to my delight yesterday, I found out it is very much alive! This event is put on by Action Sports in Bakersfield now.  Years ago, this race was called The Bakersfield Bud Light Triathlon and was put on by North of the River Parks and Recreation and had a wide draw with a professional purse. Triathlon greats such as Scott Tinley, Scott Molina, Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and many others raced this race for a few years! As a young triathlete in my early teens I raced on the old course which included a 15 kilometer run instead of the 10 kilometer run as it sits today. Believe me, I am not sorry to see the run reduced to the Olympic distance specifications. That run regularly destroyed people!

The following is the event description taken from http://www.bakersfieldtri.com/ The Bakersfield Triathlon is one of the longest running events in the sport. Established in 1981, the Bakersfield Triathlon has earned a reputation as one of the most challenging triathlons in the U.S. The longer course has changed some over time but the addition of 2 laps on the bike up the Bluffs and a run loop that includes the famous Hanglider Hill and Bastard’s Bluff are enough to test the most seasoned veteran. The Sprint Course allows both the beginner and the fast & furious to have a good time without the steep hills. Relay teams are welcome in both events and a Kids Tri is available for the young ones. 

Up until yesterday I was planning on racing in the Carpinteria Triathlon on September 30th, which is a great race in it’s own right, but as of now my sights are set on being competitive in The Bakersfield Triathlon. I am reorganizing my training regiment to focus on the distances of this new course. I don’t think that words can describe how excited I am that I am going to be able to race on this course. I feel like a little kid right now! Thank you Kerry Ryan for keeping this event alive!

If you are interested in doing a triathlon for the first time, this would be a great event for you to start on (.5 mile swim / 12.4 mile bike / 3.1 mile run). I would recommend the Sprint Course for beginners.

If you are looking for a challenge, give the Olympic distance a try (.93 mile swim / 25 mile bike / 6.2 mile run) on this super challenging course. This is where I will be and loving every minute of it!

See you at the race!

******** You can see the results here about a week after the Event Date http://athlinks.com/time.aspx?eventid=229940  *********

Pearl Izumi ELITE In-R-Cool Tri Shorts – Product Review

Similar to the Racing Flat scenario, I have been looking for a new suit to wear during my upcoming triathlons.  18 years ago I would have just worn a Speedo and a running singlet and called it good.  Today though, everyone plays every advantage they can.  I had been looking at a couple websites and found that the Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Tri Shorts were the ticket for the Sprints.  These shorts can be worn to swim, bike, and run and are comfortable and non-restrictive.  The chamois inner is thin and small so as to not impair any running strides but supple enough to protect the pubic area from any undue stress. There are other suits out there but they can get a bit pricey, namely one from http://www.desotosport.com/ that I really am thinking heavily about for the future or some longer triathlons, but for the money ($80 Retail) this Tri Short will fit the bill nicely!  Thank you again to Kerry Ryan of Action Sports www.teamactionsports.com/ for being there and having these amazing products in stock!

Here are the particulars! The following information has been taken from http://shop.pearlizumi.com/product.php?mode=view&pc_id=58&product_id=1644449&outlet=&color_code=021

Designed for both training and racing, the Men’s ELITE In-R-Cool™ Tri Short is constructed with our innovative In-R-Cool™ fabric technology. Superior cooling and UV protection combined with an anti-odor, thermal–regulating chamois offer exceptional performance.

•ELITE Transfer fabric with In-R-Cool™ technology provides superior cooling and reflective sun protection
•Welded hem with silicone
•One back easy access envelope pocket
•TRI quick-dry chamois
•8″ inseam (size medium)
•Not recommended for use in chlorinated pools


Body: 80% nylon 12% Black Lycra® Spandex 8% polyester/ UPF 50+
Technology: coldblack®
Side Panel on White and Black Streak: 80% polyester 20% elastane