The Christmas Crunch

Hi! I know. I know. I have not posted in a little while. No real training to report on for the past week and I have not been eating that great. This holiday season has been a bit more difficult for me to get into, for a multitude of reasons, yet I have been doing my best to keep the spirit alive for the kids. All I can do is love them with all that I am and know that they will appreciate their Christmas experience as much as I did when I was a kid. So with that being said, and with today marking one week until Christmas Eve, I am declaring this week The Christmas Crunch! The Christmas Crunch is seven days of eating better than I have been and doing something active every day (a Beachbody workout,yoga, swimming, cycling, running, or a mixture of any of those) I am going to get back into the swing of things, conquer my Holiday Blues, and get this body moving and ready to train hard for the 2014 Triathlon Season. Any one else up for the challenge?

New Year’s Resolution 2013

Beachbody Journey 2012

In the Summer of 2011 I was 226 lbs and around 30% body fat. Cutting out alcohol in September 2011 helped a little. By January 2012 I was 206 lbs and 24% body fat. I had quit drinking soft drinks and just started the P90X 90 Day Challenge – Working out and drinking Shakeology every day.  After 90 Days (April 2012), I dropped down to 180 lbs and 11% Body Fat. Within the next week I lost another 5 lbs and was at 10% body fat. I started P90X2 and strengthened my core and achieved a more chiseled look by July 2012 and was down to 166 lbs and 7.5% body fat. Today I am sitting at the same weight I have been since July. It has all been possible through the Beachbody programs with their nutrition and fitness.

I made the decision to make a change last New Year’s Eve, bought the program, and committed to the first 90 Day Challenge. I promise that if you make the same choice that I did and really commit to this thing for 90 Days you WILL achieve results. And, if you continue with the program you can keep those results and have fun doing it.  Say Yes to your life and make the decision to have more energy, move easier, feel better, and just be a healthier you. My New Year’s Resolution is to help more people achieve their health and fitness goals. Will you be one of those people?

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