Taco Tuesday

Tuesdays are busy! Glad that I was able to get in a quick workout and spend some quality time with the kids! Homework and swimming on a hot Bakersfield afternoon. We are in the middle of a heat wave here, after a workout, I’m so happy to have a pool! Great for the kids to practice their meditation too!

Focus T25 Day 16 – Alpha Phase
Morning Weigh-in: None Taken
Breakfast: AcidCheck Caplets and Cafe Latte Shakeology
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich, Carrots, Peppers, Potato Chips, and a KIND Bar
Workout: Focus T25 – Speed 1.0 added Beachbody Hydrate to Water
Post-Workout – Beachbody Performance Recover
Dinner: 2 Chicken Fajita Tacos on Flour Tortillas
Snack – 2 Handfuls of Mini Nilla Wafers and 2 Oreos (needed carbs during homework)

Day 15 – Taking Care of Business

Monday is for taking care of business. Starting off the week right is so important. Its easy to let the weekend carryover into the week. Fortunately I have a bunch of stuff to do. This is the last week in my Psychology in Education class so I’ll be working on my Signature Assignment. Can’t procrastinate this time. Gonna be way to busy! Getting the workouts in while I can and when I can. I worked on fasting in the morning so that I could burn some fat during my workout. Push-ups were tough but I got through them. Cycling was fun. I decided to work on some leg strength and rode the first half of my ride in the 50-11 gear. Definitely a leg workout. Doing this forces you to really work the down and up stroke to keep momentum. Getting up to speed is the hard part but it was fun to change up the workout!

Focus T25 Day 15 – Alpha Phase

Morning Weigh-in: 187
Breakfast: AcidCheck Caplets and Cafe Latte Shakeology
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich
Workout: Focus T25 – Total Body Circuit added Beachbody Hydrate to Water
2nd Workout: Cycling 26.3 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Post-Workout – Beachbody Performance Recover
Dinner: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Caesar Salad, French Bread with Butter, 2 Glasses Zinfandel
Snack – KIND Bar

In Medias Res – A Man on a Mission

Playing a little catch-up here. I started this round of Focus T25 on April 17th at a weight of 191. This was the heaviest I’ve been in over 5 years. My goal is generally to lose 25 pounds in 100 days, or get to about 8% Body Fat of what ever weight I end up at. The goal isn’t always as simple as a weight. Body composition is really the goal and a better gauge of a person’s health.

The first week of training went well. I completed 3 out of 5 days of workouts but also added in double workouts with spinning and a substituted workout on my bike another day. The weather was nice so I had to take advantage. My goal however is to not skip any of the T25 conditioning workouts and to use them as my base of training and fitness. Any secondary workouts will just be icing on the cake and get me to my goal faster. This week I hit all of my workouts and was able to add a few spinning sessions as well.

Now for my first accountability post in a long time. Today is Friday so I treated myself for a good week’s work as you will see by my nutrition log. The good, the bad, and the ugly truth about calories in and calories out.

Focus T25 Day 12 – Alpha Phase

Morning Weigh-in: 186
Breakfast: AcidCheck Caplets and Cafe Latte Shakeology
Lunch: Chicken Sandwich, 2 Street Tacos
Snack: 1/2 Peanut Butter Sandwich, Handful of Goldfish, KIND Bar spread with peanut butter
Workout: Focus T25 – Lower Focus added Beachbody HydrateAcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
2nd Workout: Focus T25 – Ab Intervals added Beachbody HydrateAcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Post-Workout – Beachbody Performance Recover
Dinner: 3 Pieces Pepperoni, Tomato, and Jalepeno Pizza (thin crust), 4 Potato Wedges, and 2 Hot Wings, and 4 IPAs (lots of homework)
Snack – Popcorn and a slice of Angel Food Cake

I am definitely going for a bike ride tomorrow! Gotta get back ahead of those calories if I want the fat to come off!



Happy 2015! Commence #ProjectNewYear!

‪‎Happy New Year‬! Three 3 years ago I started P90X and completed the 90 Day Program, only missing one consecutive day, with the help of my Friend and Coach Michael Ryan.
10897864_10204614575916006_7322144930559614280_nThank you so much for your continued coaching and support Mike.

Well 2015 is here and it’s time for ‪#‎ProjectNewYear‬. I will set activity based goals and systematically achieve successful completion of those goals through daily dedication.
This year one of my goals is to do at least 25 minutes of logged exercise everyday in the ‪Team Beachbody‬ ‪‎Online Super Gym‬. ‪FocusT25‬ is going to be my baseline workout because I know what a great workout it is for me. If you would like to join me in this goal and already have a Beachbody Program, let’s commit to the ‪Beachbody Challenge‬ and get together on Facebook and make sure we ‪#‎pushplayeveryday‬!

If you don’t have a program, contact me or comment on this post and I’ll help get you started!

Daily Log – Ironman Training – April 21 through April 23

Ironman Training – T-Minus 5 Months till 2014 Ironman Lake Tahoe

Monday Morning Weigh-in: 170
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets, 2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra, 2 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Chicken Terriyaki
Pre-Workout: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout:  Focus T25 Cardio added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Dinner: Italian Sausage Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Peppers
Recovery: Foam Rolling on Rumbleroller – 1 hour
Spice Cake, White Cake, Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate Almond Milk

Workout felt great. So glad to be moving again after being sick and recovering for a week.

Tuesday Morning Weigh-in: 170
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets, 2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra2 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Pre-Workout: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout:  Cycling 18.3 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Lunch: Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Coffee
Dinner: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Garlic Green Beans, 2 Fish Tacos
Recovery: Foam Rolling on Rumbleroller – 1 hour
Spice Cake, White Cake, Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate Almond Milk

So happy I got out on a ride today with some of the guys! It was nice to ride the Falco V with XLAB Hydration Torpedo finally after being off of it for a week. I totally wanted to hit a Focus T25 workout too but didn’t get to it.

Wednesday Morning Weigh-in: 170
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra2 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Chicken, Salad, Egg Roll, Potatoes au Gratin, White Cake
Snack: Coffee
Pre-Workout: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout: 12 miles Cycling  added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Dinner: Fajitas, Beans, Rice, Chips, Salsa, Ceviche, Guacamole 
Recovery: Foam Rolling on Rumbleroller – 1 hour

Decided to jump on the bike today and see what it can do. What an amazing bike is all I can say. I am going to enjoy getting used to this bike for sure!

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break from April 11 to April 18, 2014

I usually don’t take a whole week off from training, but when I do, its usually for a good reason. No Focus T25 this week. Here is a quick synopsis of what has been going on for the past week:

Friday, April 11, 2014
I received my Falco V frame from Falco Bike and took it to Action Sports to begin bike build.
Falco PackagingFalco V Build Parts Falco V Build All Parts Falco V Coming Together

Saturday, April 12
Bike build is complete. Made a mistake by cutting the seat post too short. Since the triathlon on the 13th is a shorter race, I opted to move the seat back to take up some of the slack. Unfortunately this will put a big strain on my lower back during the race. Must get replacement from Falco Bike in order to optimize the bike’s set-up. Tested the bike out and found that it is indeed a fast bike! http://t.co/W3P0pentgL
Falco V All Put Together Falco V Home

Sunday, April 13
Headed to Bonelli Park early in the morning for my first triathlon of the 2014 Season – The Los Angeles Championship Triathlon Series. I was excited to have my new bike and people really seemed to enjoy seeing her for the first time. The air temperature was cooler than the water (67 degrees) and with a short 500 meter swim, I opted to swim without a wetsuit. I probably should have just worn it to practice transitions and get the added buoyancy, but it was also good to get the practice swimming without the suit too. I felt good during the race and thought I was turning in a good time, but it turns out I was off last year’s time by about 9 minutes. A couple of my triathlon friends also had slower times, but when I asked the Race Officials, they said that all of the course was marked exactly as it was last year and for years before.
Falco V at Bonelli

Got back to Bakersfield in time for the Condors Hockey game with the family! That was fun but I started to feel nauseous. Figured I was just tired, but the symptoms continued to get worse as the night went on.
Condors Game

Monday, April 14 thru Wednesday, April 16
Went through a couple days of being doubled over with gut pain. No fun. Nothing I ate helped. Wednesday I started to feel better and went out to eat. May have eaten way too much.

Thursday, April 17 (My Dad’s Birthday)
Headed down to Escondido to get the Falco V outfitted with XLAB hydration and storage systems. What a wealth of knowledge at XLAB – Great people who understand what their customers need and want! This is why XLAB is the leader in hydration and storage solutions for cycling. Keep up the great work!
Falco V at XLAB

During the day, I made the mistake of not eating much and ate a late lunch at In-n-Out. Bad idea. I immediately started to feel horrible and by the time I got home, my stomach was in full revolt again. This was a most unfortunate situation to be in when you are supposed to go to your father’s birthday dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. I ended up not being able to eat, went home, and got into bed. Disgusted.

Friday, April 18, 2014
Average Morning Weigh-in: 168
3 – AcidCheck Caplets, 2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra, 2 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Chocolate Shakeology
Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese and Sourdough Bread
Snack: P90X Results & Recovery Formula

Spent the morning in bed trying to recover from my gut issues. I was off of Vector 450 for a few days. Too bad I ran out before my new order came in. I can just imagine how bad this stomach bout would have been if I hadn’t had the immunoglobulin on board. Finally able to eat some food without disturbing my stomach. Well at least not more than eating macaroni and cheese would upset it normally. 🙂 Getting to bed early tonight to help continue with recovery.

Have a Happy Easter!


Pepper’s Last Hoorah!

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Day 04 of 70 – April 10, 2014

Morning Weigh-in: 170
Snack: Coffee
 2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra3 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Turkey on Wheat, Pasta Salad
AcidCheck Caplets and Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout:  Cycling 32 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water, GU Energy Gel
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Workout:  Focus T25 Ab Intervals
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Dinner: Carnitas Fajitas Tacos (Soft Corn Tortilla), Chips and Guacamole
Dessert: Lime Popsicle, Water
Recovery: Foam Rolling on Rumbleroller – 1 hour

Pretty amazing day all the way around. The kids had “Pause and Read” at their school. Their Mom and I spent some time reading to them (Addison read her new Spider Magazine) so much fun!

Addison ReadingDavis listening to Amy Read

After work I was able to join up with a Thursday Group Ride session for a 30ish mile ride. There were rider’s from different ability levels which was awesome. I am sure that most of them set some PR’s today. We were all going after it! Definitely some good hard riding!

Pepper's Last Hoorah

It was the last ride on my Trek Speed Concept TT Bike (affectionately known as Pepper). She has been a great whip and has definitely helped in my training and racing. But as with most thing in life, there is a point at which we all must grow, change, and evolve. And on that note, my new Falco V frame has arrived in Los Angeles as of today and should be making it to Bakersfield mid-day tomorrow. You can be sure that I’ll be posting some pictures when she gets here!