Friday FunFest!

May 16, 2014¬†started out with an early visit to Bakersfield High School. I was honored to deliver the 1000+ Hot Dogs and Bags of Chips to Fun Fest. Fun Fest is a Carnival for all of the Special Needs kids from the feeder Elementary Schools to BHS. Seriously a fun event. The high school students get to have buddies and do carnival games. A dunk tank, jump houses, ring toss, face paint, and everything else you can think of that belongs at a carnival. Yes cotton candy too ūüėČ The kids look forward to it all year long and the excitement you see on their faces will warm you for a lifetime. I can’t wait till next year!

After a day at the office I got out for a ride and headed up to my parents house. The kids are having a sleepover with Grandma and Papa, but I had to see them. They were swimming when I got there so I got to join in the fun! It’s so nice to ride in a TriSuit! I just took off my cycling shoes and jumped in! Got to play with the kids for a bit but it was getting dark and I had to go chase the sun home.

Capped the night off with watching the Veronica Mars movie with the girls! Good Movie! Great use of!

Triathlon Training Log
Morning Weigh-in: 170
Breakfast:  3 РAcidCheck Caplets, 2 РSlimming Formula, 2 РCordastra, 2 Р Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: 2 Bean and Cheese Burritos, 2 Chicken Tacos
Pre-Workout: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout: Cycling 13.3 Miles, Cycling 3.3 Miles, Swim with Kids, Cycling 9.7 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to water
Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Dinner: Chicken Fajita Burrito, Chips and Guacamole
Snack: Lime Popsicle, Cliff Bar, Chocolate Shakeology added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt

Train – Race – Prom – Mother’s Day – What a Weekend!

Triathlon Training Log – May 9-11, 2014

Pre-Race Day – May 9, 2014
Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast:  3 РAcidCheck Caplets, 2 РSlimming Formula, 2 РCordastra, 2 Р Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
 Salad with Chicken
Pre-Workout: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout: Running 4 Miles
P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Dinner: Chicken and Pasta Primavera, Bread, Salad
Snack: Protein Bar

Race Day¬†–¬†May 10, 2014
Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast:  3 РAcidCheck Caplets, 2 РSlimming Formula, 2 РCordastra, 2 Р Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Pre-Race: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout: Los Angeles Championship Triathlon Series Race #2 added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Lunch: Chicken Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries, Coke
Dinner: Turkey Sandwich on Wheat
Snack: Assorted Desserts and a Lime Popsicle

Recovery Day¬†–¬†May 11, 2014
Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Wheat Toast, Cinnamon French Toast, Coffee
 3 РAcidCheck Caplets, 2 РSlimming Formula, 2 РCordastra, 2 Р Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Dinner: Chicken, Filet Mignon, Vegetables,
Dessert: Lime Popsicle
Snack: 3 Bowls Honey Bunches of Oats with 2% Milk

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the¬†Mothers out there! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!

I think I may have over done it on Friday. Left leg tightened up again after my run. Did what I could to stretch it out but ran out of time. Needed sleep.

Race Day – Woke up at 4 AM to head to Bonelli Park for Race #2 of the LA Championship Tri Series. What a great race! I love it! I felt pretty good but if you don’t prepare properly, don’t expect to set a Personal Record right? In fact, I was slower this year on all three disciplines. Here is how the race went:

LACTS 2 - 2014

Gun goes off and into the water we go. Not a bad start and I felt pretty good despite the fact that I have not swam this month. I got into a rhythm and near the end somehow ended up dolphin spearing another competitor right in the side within the last 100 meters. It was weird, he just came out of no where and my head got him square in the ribs. Sorry dude! Next, I get to the ramp to head up to T1 and kick a rock with my left pinkie toe and then I miss-stepped on the carpet and bend my right big toe under as I take a full step on it. Feet were a bit numb so it didn’t really hurt at the time. I run into transition, get the wetsuit off, then have trouble getting my helmet secured. Tried like 5 times. Finally I just took a deep breath and clicked it. Headed out of T1 and jumped on my bike. It took me a bit to get going. If you have ever done a triathlon you know that its a tough thing to get your blood circulating back to your legs after swimming. I finally got into it and started to pick off some people. I love to give encouraging words to people as I ride by. “Great job! Keep it going!” I hope it helps ūüôā So, I thought I put in a good ride, but the hills may have gotten the best of me that day. Looks like I’ll be hitting the hill intervals soon! I get back in from the bike and headed into T2. When I started to get off of my bike at the dismount mark, I didn’t swing my leg high enough and hit the seat. Almost fell over into a volunteer. Dang I felt like a rookie :-\ Got to the rack and the two triathletes I was between didn’t rack their bikes properly and left me no room. #triathleteissues such is life. I moved the bikes, racked mine, and got to business. Shoes on and headed out on the run. That is when I felt it, that light pressure in your pelvis when you may have hydrated a little too much. The weather was overcast and it kept the course cool, unfortunately I drank a little too much water and now I had to pee. This is a very hard thing to do while running. Believe me I tried. Since it wasn’t going to happen on the run, about a mile and a half in I stopped at the RV Park bathroom and relieved the issue. Back out on the course in a jiffy with a new spring in my step! I just worked through the rest of the race and crossed the line. Happy to finish 9th in my age group and 54th overall. Not one of my finest finishes, but it was a great race that showed me what I need to work on. Yes, Everything!

LACTS 2014 Finisher

I headed back home so I could go help out at the Bakersfield High School Prom. That was a bunch of work for a tired triathlete with little sleep, but it was so worth it to see all of the kids have so much fun! I heard a bunch of the kids say that it was the best dance they had ever attended. So cool! The decorations were awesome and the venue was rockin!

BHS Prom 2014

My girlfriend works so hard to make sure that the kids have a great event planned. Tough job being an Activities Director. You do it so well Anna!

BHS Prom 2014 - Ryan and Anna

Mother’s Day – Brunch with my girlfriend and then headed over to my parents to have a yummy dinner and help plant some tomatoes. Nice and relaxing afternoon! I love you Mom!

And that’s a wrap!