From out of the Pandemic

What can I say about the last 16 months? I should have taken the time to document something here like the day to day craziness of being on lockdown with the family, or used this time to reach out to people and offer them support (which I did on Instagram and Facebook…kind of…when I wasn’t getting baited into arguments about this or that). I really had every intention of getting back into blogging because I always felt a greater sense of accountability when I did it everyday. And I think in any normal time this may have been the case, however as a teacher in crisis teaching mode from March to June of 2020 I didn’t get to do all of the things that I wanted to. It was just a very stressful time get used to the distance learning model. Then I spent the summer teaching a credit recovery class and creating curriculum for for the dual-enrollment Intro to Business class for my school district. This better prepared me to teach this class the way it is supposed to be taught.

When school finally started back up, both my wife and I were teaching 100% online. We had wired the house with ethernet cables because we wanted to make sure that we weren’t contributing to any lag for our students who may not have had the best internet connections. I set up shop in the bedroom with a makeshift desk and my wife took the extra room / office. Our kids had their own spots too and we were all zooming to school at the same time. We were lucky to have a good set up unlike many of the students that we were trying to teach. We worked through the school year teaching mostly to black screens. And even though we worked to try to provide the same quality of education to our students that we always do, many students found the difficulties of distanced learning to be too much, and yet still others thrived as they were able to do the work on their own time. Either way, many students found themselves responsible for helping their family units function through jobs and child care more than usual. It was all I could do to be there for them and help guide them through the year to be as successful as they could be and I am thankful that the majority of my students did well and my overall grade average for the class was higher.

If there is anything that I learned through this pandemic is that people are resilient and adaptable. I think we have made it through the worst of it. Yet Covid seems to be lingering around and burning through populations of people where prophylaxis isn’t necessarily a priority. Either way, I am here gearing up for a new school year. Thankful to be in person and ready for anything.

I’ve had an interesting past few months to say the least and now I am looking forward to documenting my journey through everything here more often.