Don’t Call it a Comeback!

It’s almost the end of January in this new year 2022. I have to say that I was pretty happy to be done with 2021. All in all though this year has started out fairly well. My wife and I decided that we would resolve to workout at least three days a week, eat cleaner, food prep to save money, eat out less, and not drink adult beverages during the work week. I know, I know. Sounds like a great deal of work. And in some ways it seems difficult, but we want to have fun with it so we are hoping that helps to make it more bearable.

The Plan

We start about as cliché as it gets. We bought a new scale for Christmas. We got the Withings Body + Scale. It tracks Water, BMI, Muscle mass, Fat Mass, Bone Mass, besides Weight. We were hoping that this would be a good purchase to track all of our improvements.

Next, we enlisted our oldest daughter to create a workout regiment that we could do together. This workout cycles from the spin bike for five minutes to a weight workout for five minutes, back and forth for a total of 3 repetitions. This 30 minute workout was designed to get us going and work some major muscle groups to make the best use of our time.

As far as the food goes, we decided to reduce our intake of cream sauces and try to limit our bread in take. Food prepping for the week seemed to be a good idea so that we can minimize the grabbing of fast food while at work, or just eating out in general. We also thought that if we didn’t enjoy any adult beverages during the work week, we could cut down on some extra calories too.

The Execution

Beginning on January 1st (of course) I weighed in at 203 lbs. Now back in January of 2012, I weighed 206 lbs. Back then I hadn’t worked out at all for years before I thought about getting back into athletic shape. This time, I still have a bit of cardiovascular base even at about the same body fat % that I had 10 years ago. Yep, I started this new journey almost exactly where I was 10 years ago. This time I’m not going as hard or looking to make as big of a change as fast. This time I am hoping just to find a manageable weight and body composition without having to sacrifice all of the food and time. So lets see how it goes!

Week 1 – Monday, Jan 3 – Sunday, Jan 9

Starting Weight – 199.5

Worked out 4 days

Eating was good. No alcohol during the week.

Week 2 – Monday, Jan 10 – Sunday, Jan 16 – Finals Week

Starting Weight – 196.9

Worked out 2 days – It was going good. Worked out on Monday and Tuesday. Revised workout to include a leg day and an arm day. Had a bit of a traumatic experience at work on Thursday the 13th. A student had a seizure during his final and at the conclusion of his final his heart stopped. This was the first time I have ever had to provide CPR on anyone. Glad to say that it worked. Needless to say, with that I was wanting a few adult beverages. Unfortunately this knocked me off of my progress.

Eating still was pretty good despite the extra liquid calories. Our meal prep is working.

Week 3 – Monday, Jan 17 – Sunday, Jan 23

Starting Weight – 196.4

Worked out beginning on Tuesday. Got 3 days in this week.

Eating was good. Still meal prepping. Its nice to save some money this way too!

Speaking of meal prep, I finally figured out how to use the Traeger! This was fun to cook on this past Sunday and we got a bunch of our meals all ready for the week!

Week 4 – In process

Starting weight – 194.7

Notable start to the week was my Monday workout. 30 minutes of Spinning on the EVO cx Fitness Bike (no longer available as a new item as far as I know – thanks Peloton) for a total of 12.4 miles in 30 minutes. Pretty happy with that output.

Hoping that the rest of the week’s workouts continue to go as planned and that I can start updating my progress on a weekly basis!

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