Cycling, Recovery, The Tour de France, and a Little Bit of Luck!

Thursday, June 30, 2016 / Friday, July 1, 2016 / Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thursday morning I woke up with a little twinge in my knee. Most likely from a speed jumping interval during Insanity Max 30 and a tight IT Band. I’ll have to take care of that this weekend with some foam rolling. But on this day, I decided to take advantage of my parents’ wanting to spend some time with the kids to meet with a company for an interview (call back for second interview next week) an to get some much needed saddle time before swim practice. One of my favorite training sessions is to go for a bike ride in the heat of the day. At temperatures over 100 I am good for about 25 Miles. I know about how much water I need to ingest during this time, about 3 ozs per mile, to keep myself from getting too dehydrated. So I loaded up the bike with 72 ozs and headed out for one of my favorite 26 mile rides. Since I have hooked back up with De Soto Sport, I have picked up some new cycling/triathlon apparel to try out. De Soto makes this line of products called Skin cooler™ SDS, this fabric helps keep you cool when you sweat or drench it with water.
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The ride went good and I had a few decent efforts – both in the first half – I kept hydrated and relatively cool wearing the long sleeve skin cooler top and the skin cooler helmet beanie. These products work really well. The temp opped out at 102 today but I am pretty sure with the reflection off the blacktop it was at least 10 degrees hotter. To give you an idea with some basic math, I weighed in at 179 before starting the ride. I consumed about 4.5 lbs of water.  When I got back to the house 1 hour and 16 minutes later, I weighed 177.5 lbs. It left me a little dehydrated after that ride so I grabbed some water bottles and headed up to Bakersfield Aquatics Club (BAC) for swim practice and jumped in with the kids for a few turns in the pool.

After practice we had a coaches meeting and enjoyed an awesome dinner with new friends and we talked about BAC and what’s in store for us as a Team. Pretty excited to be a part of this group. The kids are in store for some great things!

On another high note, I received an email related to a job application I sent in and it requested me to come to an oral exam interview in a couple weeks! Pretty exciting stuff!

Friday I woke up and was pretty dehydrated and my knee was really tight. I knew that I wasn’t going to be working out this day. Sometimes recognizing that taking a recovery day is just as important as a really strong workout. Lots of hydration and Insanity Max 30: Pulse which is an active recovery workout. Cool thing is I spent about an hour talking to a recruiter about a position they are trying to fill and it resulted in setting up a meeting for Tuesday.

I have to say that I am feeling lucky and excited about all of these opportunities finally showing up, but I need to stay centered and composed. Nothing is set in stone and I am very thankful for these chances and hopeful that they translate into choices very soon.

Today was a mellow day. The Tour de France started this morning, so of course I had to watch that! It was awesome to see Mark Cavendish finally pick up the Yellow Jersey after all of these years and stage wins. Congratulations!

I installed a new BowSwim in our pool. The kids a re super excited! And I am too! I got to do a quick 10 minute swim on it and it killed me. Swimming under direct tension like that is such a great workout!

Ended the evening with an awesome dinner with the family and finishing it of with my 19th Day of push-ups for

Happy Training! And have a Happy 4th of July weekend!

Training/Nutrition Log
Thursday Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich, Baked Potato Chips, and Water
Rode 26.3 Miles used Acid Check Granules, Beachbody Performance Hydrate and Energize mixed in water.
Recovery Swim: Swam with the kids during swim practice – 400 Meters Mostly Freestyle
3 – The Final 3 Capsules for Recovery
Dinner: Tri-Tip, Salad, Potato Salad, & French Bread

Friday Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets and 2 Eggs, Bacon, Country Potatoes
Lunch: Chocolate Shakeology
Insanity Max 30: Pulse 
Pepperoni and Jalepeno Pizza, and a few Potato Wedges
3 – The Final 3 Capsules for Recovery

Saturday Morning Weigh-in: 181
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich and Water
10 Minute Freestyle on Bowswim.
3 – The Final 3 Capsules for Recovery
Dinner: BBQ Chicken Breast, Corn on the Cob, Rice Pilaf, and Garlic Bread
Dessert: Ice Cream Drumstick

Disclaimer: As a triathlete, I am not always eating with the intention of weight loss but rather to maintain weight and fuel my activity. If you are not as active as I am, please don’t use my nutritional intake as your model. If you would like help finding out a meal plan and workouts that would be good for you, please don’t hesitate to text or call me at 775-722-8184 or Facebook me at Looking forward to hearing from you!


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