A Quiet Day at Home

A much needed quiet day at home with the kiddos. We watched a few movies. ET: The Extra Terrestrial was one of them. Been a while since I have seen that one. Finally saw Furious 7 too. Sad. Nice to spend some time with the kids. Way too hot to venture outside for any length of time but we ran a few necessary errands anyway. With so much going on I was still able to find some time to get in my Insanity Max 30 workout in 😉 Good thing too. Almost too hot to workout outside. We piled in the car and headed up to swim practice. I was melting on the deck so I decided to cash in on a perk of being a swim coach. I jumped into the pool and swam around while coaching the kids. Great way to cool down, and the kids like it when you get down into the pool and get on their level.

After swim practice we were starving and grabbed some dinner at Baja Fresh. It was yummy! Had to fuel up for tomorrow’s workout and possible afternoon heat ride. We hurried home for showers and to check out the Olympic Swimming Trials. Pretty neat watching some these amazing athletes after coaching some amazing kids who have the dreams of being at the trials and Olympics themselves. Even cooler to think that I may be coaching a kid who could grow up to be an Olympic Athlete. Makes me proud!

Finally, I did my 22 pushups. And now its time for bed! Big day tomorrow!

Training/Nutrition Log
Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with Dijon Mustard and a Handful of Sea Salted Crackers
Day 3 of Week 2 Insanity Max 30: Tabata Power (Maxed Out at 20:14) used Acid Check Granules, Beachbody Performance Hydrate and Energize mixed in water.
Recovery Swim: Swam with the kids during swim practice – Mostly Breast Stroke and treading water – 25 Minutes
Chicken, Pinto Bean, Cheese, and Pico De Gallo, Burrito, Guacamole and Chips, and Root Beer.
3 – The Final 3 Capsules for Recovery, 8 ozs of Vanilla Yogurt, and lots of water!
Recovery: Foam Rolling with Rumble Roller while watching Swimming and Cycling 🙂

Disclaimer: As a triathlete, I am not always eating with the intention of weight loss but rather to maintain weight and fuel my activity. If you are not as active as I am, please don’t use my nutritional intake as your model. If you would like help finding out a meal plan and workouts that would be good for you, please don’t hesitate to text or call me at 775-722-8184 or Facebook me at www.facebook.com/fityak. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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