Project New Year – Day 45 – P90X2 Triathlon Training

Got in a last minute ride before heading to the monthly Bakersfield TriSpokes Meeting. (What a great group of people!) Today I worked on relaxing and finding my positions in the saddle. If I have learned anything from all of the cross-training I have done over the past couple of years, its that core engagement, spine alignment, and finding the relaxation in the movement will help you get through just about anything. As a triathlete there is a fine line between energy conservation and blowing up. Beyond the goal of just completing a multi-sport event like a triathlon, there is the desire to go as fast as we can. In order to achieve the coveted Personal Best we must become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I find that the best way to do this is to concentrate on keeping my face relaxed and my toes relaxed. Any time we tense up, we are expending energy that could have gone to power the engine that keeps us going (conservation vs. blowing up). So the next time you feel like your body is tensing up and your muscles are burning, remember to breath, focus on posture, find a rhythm, and then just let your body flow. Eventually you will find that you will naturally begin to gain speed through the momentum you are generating. The key is to not think about going faster, it is to really not think at all beyond the mechanics of your movements. Can you do that?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 – Weigh-in: 174
Cycling 25.1 Miles and P90X2 X2 Recovery + Mobility

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