Project New Year – Day 18 – P90X2 Triathlon Training

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Today was a getting it done day! Spent a little time on the Falco V. Worked on relaxing the upper body, relaxing the face, and breathing efficiently. I found myself settling into a rhythm and working against the wind. Getting the head down and finding the relaxation in the movement was fun! Looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow!

Morning Weigh-in: 170
Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with Beachbody Vanilla Whey2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra, and 2 – Super Suma and Coffee
Lunch: 2 Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Energy and Endurance Formula
Cycling 26.3 Miles had a GU Energy Gel Halfway.
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
 Steak and Chicken Burrito, Chips and Salsa
Workout: P90X2 Yoga
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Snack: Pretzels and 2 Bowls of Cherrios with Almond Milk

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