Northwestern Straights

Yesterday was a good day! Spent the morning with the kiddos. Took them to a Birthday Party and headed out for a bike ride. It was windy and I wanted to try something different so I headed out to ride the Northwest Perimeter of Bakersfield. My route was a big rectangle! So nice to be able to not have to turn very often. Some parts were slow and others were faster, but the goal here was to try and settle in to a particular pace (without the aid of a computer). I wanted to stay around 20-22 mile per hour and turns out I nailed it for my average.
Falco Fully Loaded
I like this ride and it may turn out to be my goto ride in the near future! The ride was only 33 miles but it was about 96 degrees and 90% humidity! I drank so much water! Got the kids back in the evening and had some daddy time – watched a movie and had some snacks!

Morning Weigh-in:  172
Breakfast: 2 – Activit, 2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra, and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with Vanilla Whey and Cinnamon
Lunch: 4 oz. Breaded Chicken
Pre-Workout: Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout: Cycling 33.8 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water
Post-Workout: P90X Results & Recovery Formula
Dinner: Carnitas Fajitas Burrito with Brown Rice, Black Beans, Guacamole, and Pico de Gallo
Snack: Popcorn and 3 Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Carmels
Recovery: Foam Rolling on the Rumbleroller

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