Has it been a week?

Seriously!? Almost a whole week has gone by and I have not posted any accountability. Shame on me! To be honest, I really have not been THAT accountable. Even though I woke up at 173 lbs this morning, and I have been drinking Shakeology and taking my other supplements every day, my nutrition and fitness has not been what I would call “Stellar”. I let some traveling and my kids be an excuse for me to eat pretty much everything I shouldn’t as well as lay off of the daily scheduled workouts (even though keeping up with an eight year old and a six year old seems like a workout in its own right).

Alright, so yesterday I covered 200 yds in the pool with my son on my back. I used him as a weight and drag dummy while I swam and ran the length of the pool. That was a rough little session (he weighs 63 lbs, solid muscle). And, over the weekend I walked a bunch and climbed some boulders at the beach. So at least I have been active there. And I really didn’t eat bad as far as my meals, I just ordered desert a few too many times ;-). So all in all my daily health and fitness hasn’t been a total loss. I have just been doing different stuff. Which is what I ask my customers and friends to do when they travel.

Truth be told, I am starting to stress a little about my Ironman Lake Tahoe training. I’ve been using the excuse that I am just shooting for a finish at this race to postpone the real training. I mean I know the speed that I need to go to finish the race, and these speeds are completely sustainable with the proper nutrition. I am just not sure that once I get there, that I’ll be able to dial it down and just go for the finish with this plan. That is where the training will come in handy. So I had better get to it right?

The injuries I sustained a couple weeks ago on my bike have all but healed completely. I am still a little sore on my left leg and my hamstring has a little twinge every now and then. But I am hoping that the recovery time will be enough as I work back into a regular regiment.

No excuses! Enjoy the rest of your hump day!


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