The Weekend is Over – Stop Eating Everything and Back to Work!

Memorial Day Weekend

I didn’t track what I ate. Thursday and Friday I ate good in preparation for my race on Saturday, but after that it was a bunch of really tasty food and cake for a birthday and graduation party. I gained 5 pounds. Perfect excuse to go for a ride right? But it was too windy for me to ride my racing wheels and I was so looking forward to going for a ride, but when I went to change my front wheel something happened with my front brake and made my bike unrideable. 🙁 Spent half the day fixing what I could but still having trouble getting the break to center. I guess I’ll be headed into the bike shop today to get schooled. In the grand scheme of things, I really need to rest my leg and focus on stretching. The left leg is still tight and the run part of the race on Saturday still gave me problems. It all wouldn’t be that bad if my pool wasn’t green with algae again because then I could get in and do some swimming on the Bowswim, but it looks like the pool will be out of commission until next weekend with the chemicals its going to take to bring it back from the dead!

Speaking of bringing it back from the dead, its time to get moving on the running and swimming. Cycling isn’t an issue for me right now. Swimming really won’t be that big of an issue for either, but right now running is the sport that is giving me the biggest problems. I need to somehow bring back the fun I once enjoyed in running. I expect that as we get older and our bodies change somethings get easier and others more difficult. I guess it all comes down to putting in the work to get the results. If I don’t put in the work, how can I expect to get better? That is so true for so many situations in our lives. It’s time to Work!


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