Tuesday Night World Championship #1

Pretty neat day! My daughter received some awards at school for meeting her AR (Accelerated Reader) Goal as well as a certificate for Mathematics. Headed into the office to get a few things done and then it was off to get the kiddos for our Tuesday. The kiddos played at home while I cleaned the drive train on my Falco V to get it ready for the Tuesday Night World Championship. We all piled in the car and headed up to my parent’s house. The kids went swimming and I stretched. I kissed them both and headed off to warmup for the start!

The race was crazy! The wind was whipping around up on the Bakersfield bluffs and with my bike set up the way it is (high profile wheels) I was a bit hesitant to gun it down the first descent. I started to get passed and then was completely dropped off the back as we began the first hill. The peloton left me in the dust. Not necessarily where I want to be, but it was probably the safest position for me to be in with all of the wind. So I just put my head down and ground it out to try and catch the group. I finally caught up with everyone about 8 miles into the ride. We had a lead group of 4 for a couple miles then I got dropped again. I caught back up with one of my friends Zach Griffin at about Mile 18 and we ended up working together for the next 6.5 Miles down Rattlesnake, through Hart Park to Goodmanville Rd. before we caught up to Jim Pappe, and then these hill climbers took off again and left me alone in 4th position through to the end. Luckily this is about the time my family caught up to me and began cheering giving me one last burst of energy to finish the race out strong. Unfortunate side note: The rider who was in first place for most of the ride cut off the course with about 20 meters to go and bowed out of the podium spot. So looks like I placed third! Wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take it! Looking forward to the next race!

Triathlon Training Log – May 20, 2014
Morning Weigh-in:
Breakfast: 3 – AcidCheck Caplets2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra2 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Bean and Rice Burrito, Water
Pre-Workout: 1 Hour Stretching and Energy and Endurance Formula
Workout: Cycling 27.9 Miles added AcidCheck Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt to Water 
 P90X Results & Recovery Formula 
Dinner: Pork Chop, Half a Baked Sweet Potato, Half an Ear of Corn, Taco Salad
Dessert: Chocolate Shakeology with Almond Milk and a Lime Popsicle
Snack: Organic Peanut Butter Sandwich

Working on the nutrition!

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