Busy Day – A Little BowSwim Perhaps?

Triathlon Training Log – May 15, 2014

Morning Weigh-in: 171
Breakfast:  3 – AcidCheck Caplets, 2 – Slimming Formula, 2 – Cordastra2 –  Vector450, and Chocolate Shakeology
 Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich, Water
Workout: 5 Minute Swim on BowSwim
Dinner: 2 Protein Bars, Water
Dessert: Root Beer Freeze
Snack: Handful of Chocolate, Bag of Popcorn, Tall Glass of Orange Juice

Busy, busy day. Work. Errands. Kids’ Open House. Kid’s Choir Performance. Sleep. Had just enough time to jump on the BowSwim for a super quick swim somewhere in the middle of all of that. Not much of a workout, but it got my blood moving a bit. Hoping that tomorrow brings something in the way of a real workout! And after looking at my accountability, I just realized why I was so hungry; I barely ate yesterday. I need to do better on nutrition. Not that I need to lose weight or anything (my weight fluctuates between races), but if I was looking to lean out, starving myself would not be the way to do it. And doing it too many days in a row will start to have the opposite effect. A body in starvation mode will convert calories into fat. And that is not what anyone wants to do. Good thing I didn’t really workout yesterday! 😉


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