Insanity: The Asylum Volume 2 and TriCore Rest Day – Sept. 27, 2013

Rest Day – Sept. 27, 2013

Morning Weigh-in: 166
Breakfast: AcidCheck Caplets, Activit, Cordastra, and Vanilla Shakeology with Cinnamon, Coffee
Snack: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit, Hashbrown, Coffee
Lunch: 10 Thin Mints
Early Dinner: 4 Pieces of Pizza and Potato Wedges
Dinner #2: 2 Bowls of Cookie Crisp, 1 Cup Yogurt, 16 oz Glass of Orange Juice, 2 Tangerines, and a Bag of Popcorn

Jog-a-thon got the best of my day. I basically lived between the kids’ school and Starbucks from 8 to 1:15. The nutrition went a little wide and somehow found myself at McDonalds, fast food I have sworn off. I didn’t feel great after eating the food, but no where near the chicken “salt-lick” sandwich incident from last year. To top it off, my lunch consisted of 10 Thin Mints (Refrigerated Girl Scout Cookies). I should have just eaten the whole sleeve at that point. Dinner wasn’t bad, except for all of the cheese and then my second dinner added more dairy. Tomorrow I plan on a busy and productive day.

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