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Hi all!

Its not very often that I sit down to write something without me being in the middle of a Challenge or to review some race or product but here it goes. There are a bunch of things going on right now; Summer with the kids; Beachbody Coaching; Working with my Dad on his Projects; Triathlon Training for Nationals in August; Working with Companies that produce Products I love (AcidCheck.com, Evo Fitness Bike, De Soto Sport, Bowswim.com, Olson Design Studio, Action Sports, and of course Team Beachbody); and Studying for my NASM CPT. All of these things are very important to me and I would like to give as much time to each as I possibly can. Now I highly doubt that there are many people out there who absolutely can’t wait for the next thing that I write or share, but on the off chance that I am actually reaching people or providing them with useful information or motivation I want to make sure that you are not being left in the dark! I am going to start mixing it up more. Product reviews, Book reviews, Exercise logs, Supplement reviews, and the like should be coming out with more frequency. Things are getting very exciting for me and I can’t wait to share and hopefully motivate someone to do something they never would have done before.

If you have been motivated by one of my posts before, please share with me so that I know I am on the right track. Who knows? I might just be able to help you more!

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