TriCore – Day 01 of 28

TriCore – Day 01 of 28

I started TriCore today. This is a program for use with the EVO Fitness Bike. I am using the EVOcx model. As with any new workout, you want to set baselines so you can measure your performance growth. Luckily just yesterday I rode and set a personal record for a 39.3 Mile Segment on that is a very good gauge of cycling performance. It has flats, a couple major hills, some grinds, and a hairy downhill section. So today my challenge was to run my fastest mile (5:49), do push ups for two minutes (59), and sit ups for two minutes (51). These all test endurance, upper body strength, and core strength respectively.

Now time for the workout. I cleared the area and wheeled the EVOcx into place. Pretty!

2013-04-30 01.06.30

I clicked into the Look Keo Easy pedals (bike comes standard with pedals that have toe clips and straps which can also be flipped for use with the SPD pedal system – much like you would find in a Spin class) which I installed yesterday. (The Look KEO Easy’s are the least expensive pedals in the KEO line and lack the ability to adjust tension. This hasn’t become an issue yet but I am keeping an eye on it.) Sat down on the saddle (It’s the Vision saddle which originally came with my Trek Speed Concept TT Bike) and proceeded to start pedaling. The program today consisted of Four Sections – Warm up, 1 Legged Push Set, 1 Arm Balance, and Sway Drills.

Warm up is about 5 minutes or so. This is where you begin to pedal and then do upper body stretching exercises in order to get ready. I am sure that this would have been enjoyable had I either been sitting on my Bontrager Hilo RXL however, the Vision saddle was with me today and made the warm up uncomfortable.I knew there was a reason why I got a new seat for my TT Bike. I am definitely re-installing the saddle that came with the EVOcx before the next workout!

Next is the 1 Legged Push Set where you alternate right leg, left leg, right leg, left leg and then finish with a seated climb.

Then comes the 1 Arm Balance where you stand and hold one of your arms over the bars while holding on with the other. You do this twice with each arm separated with a two handed climb between each switch and again at the end.

Finally there are Sway Drills which have you really expose the cool part about the EVO Fitness Bike. The bike allows for lateral movement to produce a realistic cycling experience as it sways from right to left. This targets your core stabilizer muscles used in cycling and life in general. This exercise has you accentuate the sway movement while climbing to get more of an upper body workout, and then trying to minimize it while climbing as a cyclist really would which targets lower body muscle groups. It repeats this twice and then has you finishing with the heavy swaying and finishes off with a seated climb.

Tomorrow is a rest day already. So I’ll let you know on Wednesday how Workout 2 goes!


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