Raw Coconut Cream Pie

rawcoconutcreampievegan Time to see what Chocolate-Covered Katie has in store for those of us who have a sweet tooth but don’t want the empty calories. Found it! Raw Coconut Cream Pie borrowed from www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com


                      1/2 cup Thai coconut meat (about 110g)

                      1 1/2 cups raw zucchini (250g) (For a pie with a more traditional “coconut cream pie” taste, or if you don’t want the green color, omit the zucchini and add that much more coconut meat.) scant

                      1/4 tsp salt

                      1 tsp pure vanilla extract Sweetener of choice: Katie suggests that you use 8 nunaturals alcohol-free vanilla stevia drops (almost 1/8 tsp), or 30-40ish for others.

                      Optional: for a richer pie, you can add some coconut oil

                      Add 4tbsp cocoa powder for chocolate cream pie.


Add all the ingredients together and blend very well. If you’re using a Magic Bullet, you might want to blend the zucchini a little, first, so it doesn’t stay chunky. Transfer your mixture to a pie-crust (or pie pan, for a crustless pie) and freeze. If you freeze it more than a few hours, thaw before eating. Raw Grasshopper Pie: Add a few drops pure peppermint extract, as well as some cacao nibs (or chocolate chips) to the filling.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to visit www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com for other excellent recipes like this one!

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