Bakersfield Triathlon – September 30, 2012

Ahhh yeah!  The Bakersfield Triathlon is set for September 30, 2012 this year! I thought this event was dead, but to my delight yesterday, I found out it is very much alive! This event is put on by Action Sports in Bakersfield now.  Years ago, this race was called The Bakersfield Bud Light Triathlon and was put on by North of the River Parks and Recreation and had a wide draw with a professional purse. Triathlon greats such as Scott Tinley, Scott Molina, Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and many others raced this race for a few years! As a young triathlete in my early teens I raced on the old course which included a 15 kilometer run instead of the 10 kilometer run as it sits today. Believe me, I am not sorry to see the run reduced to the Olympic distance specifications. That run regularly destroyed people!

The following is the event description taken from The Bakersfield Triathlon is one of the longest running events in the sport. Established in 1981, the Bakersfield Triathlon has earned a reputation as one of the most challenging triathlons in the U.S. The longer course has changed some over time but the addition of 2 laps on the bike up the Bluffs and a run loop that includes the famous Hanglider Hill and Bastard’s Bluff are enough to test the most seasoned veteran. The Sprint Course allows both the beginner and the fast & furious to have a good time without the steep hills. Relay teams are welcome in both events and a Kids Tri is available for the young ones. 

Up until yesterday I was planning on racing in the Carpinteria Triathlon on September 30th, which is a great race in it’s own right, but as of now my sights are set on being competitive in The Bakersfield Triathlon. I am reorganizing my training regiment to focus on the distances of this new course. I don’t think that words can describe how excited I am that I am going to be able to race on this course. I feel like a little kid right now! Thank you Kerry Ryan for keeping this event alive!

If you are interested in doing a triathlon for the first time, this would be a great event for you to start on (.5 mile swim / 12.4 mile bike / 3.1 mile run). I would recommend the Sprint Course for beginners.

If you are looking for a challenge, give the Olympic distance a try (.93 mile swim / 25 mile bike / 6.2 mile run) on this super challenging course. This is where I will be and loving every minute of it!

See you at the race!

******** You can see the results here about a week after the Event Date  *********

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