Knowing your Weakness is a Strength

Ryan Olson – 22nd Overall and 3rd in Age Group 35-39 – Picture Courtesy of Paul Gamino II (Triathlete Extraordinaire)

This past weekend at the Castaic Lake Sprint Triathlon Series, I had the pleasure of returning to the Triathlon scene.  The distances were a 400 meter swim, a 10 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run.  I turned in a faster time on the swim than I had figured and about even on the bike.  What I didn’t figure on was what 18 years off (yes my last Triathlon was the Castaic Lake Sprint Triathlon in 1994) would do to me on the run after swimming and biking. My body quickly remembered how difficult it is to make the transition from cycling to running at that point in the race.  I can honestly say that for at least the first 2.2 miles I was sucking wind and heel striking the whole way.  There was no way that my body was going to get up on its toes.  By the third mile, my body started to relax and began to speed up.  I think I was just finally tired of seeing people pass me, that was probably what finally motivated me to switch gears.  Historically I have always been the strongest on the run, so I must have figured that if I focused on the swim and the bike over the last few months, that the run would just come naturally. Bonnnnkkkk! Wrong answer!  Despite my poor performance with a 21 minute split for a 5k, I still managed to hold 22nd place overall (out of approx. 300 finishers including the teams) and a third in my age group (35-39).  I am very happy with my overall performance though. At least now I have a successful finish under my belt. I firmly believe that knowing your weakness is a strength…because without knowing what you need to work on, you will never get better.  I can’t wait for the second race in this series.  I am training in Phase 3 of P90X2 which is the same training that some of the Olympic Athletes have been using to get ready for the Olympics this year.  I am expecting that three weeks in this Phase will help my racing ability greatly! Post-Activation Potentiation coupled with good old fashioned time in the water and on the road should do the trick. The race on August 11th will be the true testament.

You can see the results of the race at there were waves, so the results are wonky. 34 and under men, teams, and clydesdales (I think) all went in the first wave, men 35 and over went in the second wave 5 minutes back, then all women went in third wave 10 minutes back.

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