Sandbagging is No Fun, but it sure is a Good Workout!

The past few days I have been helping my parents fill in an area with sand that fell victim to a landslide a little while ago.  My father, who is 70, and I filled a bunch of sandbags and placed them in order to stabilize the slope.  Needless to say, this is back-breaking work and was such a good workout that it took the place of my regular workout for 4 days (I still rode and swam a little bit just to keep the muscle memory current).  My Dad and I have a new found respect for those volunteers who go and sandbag in times of flooding.  Our hats our off to all of you who take the time to help others in dire need.

Volunteering your time is a rewarding experience when done out of selflessness and pure of heart reasons.  The idea of giving without receiving is such a good message.  I would be remiss to think that some people volunteer there time so that they may receive some recognition.  Even though the basis for the giving of time may not be pure, help is still received by those in need, perhaps just a little tainted.

I challenge everyone to take on some project, no matter how big or small,and donate your time to some organization that needs your help or that you can fill with your expertise or personal knowledge.  Do so without telling anyone that you are doing it besides maybe your immediate family so they don’t wonder where you are 😉 . My guess is that after you do this you will feel amazing in the fact that you just selflessly helped someone.  And that folks is what life is about.  Putting others before ourselves.  It is a humbling experience and one you will never forget!


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