Monday was a great training day! Today wasn’t bad either!

Despite the fact that the AC at my house is a bit on the fritz, the temperature wasn’t too bad though, so I did my Monday P90X2 Chest + Back + Balance.  After that, I jumped on my bike and rode a quick 7 miles.  If that wasn’t enough, I decided to go to the Gym and get in a quick 1000 meter swim as well.  The workout was a mini-triathlon of sorts.  High energy and quick output tempo.  I am excited to get back into this type of training!  Only 1 month until my triathlon comeback so I need to make everyday count!

Today I had Plyocide which, if you have been following, is all about legs, jumping, and cardio. Crazy get your heart pounding type of a workout.  I had to run to a meeting to discuss my high school graduating class 20th reunion meeting.  Let me tell you, trying to take a shower directly after doing Plyocide is an exercise in futility.  Really no point, because I can guarantee you, without a proper cool down, you are going to keep sweating for at least 25 minutes….no joke!  So I got the meeting at Chuy’s and was starving, so I ordered and ate a tri-tip salad.  The salad was pretty good!  Either that or I was just hungry.  At least the tri-tip was good.  The meeting got out around 6:30 and I said to my friends, “looks there is still enough sunlight out to get a ride in.  So I raced home and geared up for a quick ride!  Ended up pounding out 10 miles at what I thought felt like a good click.  Then I got home and hit my pool for a nice cool down.  That sure felt good on such a warm day!

A new site that my friend Jed turned me on to is .  This is a cool site where I have started to track my rides and eventually I might track my runs as well.  Take a look.  Its free and easy to use!

Tomorrow is my Recovery + Mobility Day so I’ll probably be doing Yoga early and maybe a slow swim in the afternoon.  Gotta stay active but let some of the muscles rest.  Kind of beat them up the last 2 days!

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