P90X2 – Day 15

I started Week 3 of P90X2 yesterday. I have also added swimming and some additional cardio into my workout regiment.  Gearing up for the race this weekend in Tejon Ranch, a 10 kilometer trail run, should be fun.  This is the first race since my last Triathlon about 17 years ago.  I am thinking I will do good but I will be OK with just doing the best that I can at this point in my life.  If I go out and give it 100% then I will be satisfied and know that next time I get out there I will do better. Yesterday I gave my workout 100% and it felt great. X2 Core lives up to its name.  And as I said last week, I am pleased with the progress I have made yet again.  I think 4 weeks of this phase will be perfect (especially since I added more alternate activities to supplement what I feel I was lacking the first week of this phase.  The trick for me is to not motor too far ahead and burn out before the Strength Phase of the 13 week program.


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